Sketchbook #116: Annual Catching Up Post :)

I am slowly trying to catch up on my scanning and posting - which - I now realize - is something I do every year around this time :) Something about spring becoming summer slows my scanning and posting motivation (I draw about the same amount) and just in a few short months, I am over two sketchbooks behind. In addition to that, I work on various projects outside of my sketchbook and things get tangled and complicated because of that too. So I start asking myself why I post and who cares and all that self-talk. In the end, I try to remember that this blog is my vehicle at tracking how much I grow and change and it allows me to look at my work and not be discouraged by daily failures but to keep an eye on a general curve. So once again I am going to catch up my posts to my actual painting and I have a new strategy to try to do so and I have a new strategy to keep myself on track next time - let's see if it works :)