Sketchbook #115: Trip to Europe - Part I - Ukraine/People

Amid perpetual fight with the sleepiness and endless food consumption (everyone tried to feed us in Ukraine), I tried to draw various family members at their everyday tasks.  I have a "life hack" or trick for the cases when I know that my capacity to make good decisions would be limited (examples would include jet lag, an abundance of people talking to me simultaneously or a very emotionally charged situation). I carry a very simple, the most limited sketch kit possible (though any sketching kit would do - ballpoint pen and napkin saved me many times but an 18 pan watercolor set also worked) - and pull it out as soon as I can and start making marks on the page without judgment or thinking.  No thinking is the key. And then I keep adding things - as you would continue dancing - the best you can. When the page is filled - move to the next one without breaking a stride.