Conversation: the nature of practice.

I had a great time talking to a bunch of sketching friends the other day about the nature of the practice. We talked and worked at the same time. I wrote down some thoughts here for myself to remember:
- practice for me is a way to be seen. I draw and I know: I lived.
- you would always know - in your heart - if you did a good job or not. You don't need anyone to tell you that. You just need to do it and need to point to what worked or what did not.
- the practice is there to keep my craft going. If I keep it up - I am a happier person in everyday life and I know that if I need it - the craft is there for me.
- I don't do it for joy. I like aspects of it. This is not something I do for fun. But I am a happier person if I do it.
- I was told: if you don't do it regularly, every day - it is not your real passion. It riled me. So I found a way to do it every day, taught all around me that this is part of me.
- I am not going to make plans in any projects and numbers but the intentions and hours I will spend on working this year. And I will try to be honest with myself and adjust the course when needed.

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