One Week 100 People: 2021

This challenge was organized and curated this year (again) by Liz Steel and Marc Taro Holmes. The idea of this little race is to give your people-sketching skills a boost. 

I think about it as an opportunity to remind myself how much I enjoy sketching people - even when they are not too excited about it :) 

Most of the people I interact with these days I see on the video calls - so I've done some of those:


And I did most of my work from the crazy-wonderful collages of Pelle Cass - trying to follow the story that he is weaving through the mash-up of these sporting events. I had a timer every time and did my best to look at the image more than at the paper. I tried find some rhythm in the way I re-shuffled figures for my collage, looking for simplified bodies.

I also found some people to draw from real life:

All in all - I did more than a hundred but I hope to work completely from life next year. Goes without saying that I miss the days when going to a cafe or library or standing on a street and sketching was easy and simple and something I would do in between other things. 


  1. Bravo for drawing from those collages! They look spectacular! I can't wait until next year when I can do the challenge properly from life!

  2. Wonderful drawings from sports events. With people moving so quickly, it’s at wonder that you did as well as you did. I didn’t get 100 done in a week but I’m still trying to sketch a few every day. Many I get from online podcasts and sometimes from daily newscasters. Your skill is superior! I admire the work you accomplished.