Sketchbook #129: Flip-Through

 This is a sketchbook tour / flip through of my sketchbook #129.


  1. I have watched you turn the pages of your sketchbook several times. I don’t want to miss anything. As carefully as you turned the pages, I wish still that the turning was slower. I don’t want to miss anything. I liked additional covers of protection on some and additional partial pages appears with painters tape as not to destroy what is beneath.
    You have mentioned watercolor paints you only found at Jackson’s Art...I believe. At the time, I could not order but now that I can, I can’t find your reference. Can you please help with this?
    Thank you for your work and inspiration to keep on journaling with illustrated pages.❤️bernadette

  2. Was it you who wrote about an “Art Toolkit?”

  3. I love the sound of painted pages turning! Swoon.