End of 2021

2021. It was a long year. Filled with worry and attempts to make sense of things and find ways to help family, friends, and the world in general. To live without plans or expectations - because I could not change them fast enough. And it went as I envisioned - mostly exploratory and unplanned.  I tried to catch things as they flew by. At the end of the year, I got a reasonable number. 

I sketched a lot with people online. And this year I was able to go back to some in-person connection with people (after vaccination - which was a separate highlight of the year for me!). Some online classes and events. Portraits - of people, pets, and houses. Illustrated some recipes of the family signature meals. I took a whole bunch of experiments with printmaking in a new direction, had fun with the Inktober project. I put up a little art show of my gouache works in the local community center. Did lots of projects for my freelance clients. Sold some prints of my artworks. Went on a tiny exclusively-sketching trip with friends. Saw my parents in Ukraine between two spikes in the epidemic - YAY! Other trips were local and short - but wonderfully refreshing! Uploaded a bunch of videos of the sketching process online. 

I filled over 6.5 sketchbooks - that was a constant, and I am making videos of flipping through them to share too. 

Here is to a brighter 2022!

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