I went to draw people outside!

I miss the pleasure and rhythm of drawing people in mundane situations. I still draw friends and family members from life and videos, but all the usual cases of "sketching while waiting" are now eliminated from my life. I am much more efficient with my time - there is no idle waiting in my pandemic world! I no longer wait for the hairdresser (who needs a haircut these days anyway?),  I don't go to sport and school events, or classes. Even a rare trip to a cafe is void of waiting: I order my drink on my phone and get a text when it is ready to be picked up. 

Last week I decided to try and remedy this hole in my practice and I went to sketch at the tennis courts with a friend whose enthusiasm for sketching people is legendary - Suhita. And we had a blast!

At first I jumped to the fastest, most active game but quickly realized that I am way out of practice. So I switched to older players and someone with a ball machine. Even some people walking dogs or walking by. When I felt that my capacity to sketch is almost depleted I switched tools and pulled my favorite modified pilot parallel pen which gives such an expressive line that it alone can save a sketch in my eyes. It gave me a lift but very soon I crashed with even more fatigue. 

I stopped drawing when I realized that my interest in a distant eucalyptus tree is higher than in any human body especially if that body is moving. 

Here is what I learned:

  • Sketching people is a skill and I am out of practice: speed, stamina and patience were all needed. 
  • I miss sketching faces too - especially noses and lips.
  • Pickleball is not as exciting sport to draw as tennis but it might be a good way to warm up. 


  1. I miss sketching people too, especially in coffee shops and on the bus. :-(