Museum Visit: Alice Neel: People Come First | de Young

I went to see Alice Neel: People Come First at the de Young. She is an astonishingly astute looker at things but firstly - at people. Shapes, textures, expressions, and blue outlines jump at you but parts of the canvas are left untouched and it is very appropriate somehow. I am a big fan of "unfinished" works and I consider those more important and interesting works than "completed" words - for many artists. But here this did not look "unfinished" - it was very much conclusive and fitting the narrative of capturing the fleeting moment.
What got a hold of me and now follows everything I make or look at is the freedom and expressiveness of the depiction of hands!
I made a bunch of notes. My company for this visit and I enjoyed finding hidden images in many paintings. And on the way back we spent some time comparing highlights and planning our next visit - I think this show requires at least one more run for us! 

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