On My Table: Beginning of April 2023.

Beginning of April:
1. I am painting a bunch of gouaches for a large project and the floor, table, and walls are covered with different stages and parts of the big pictures. 
2. Obsession with color pencils and crayons over gouache continues - this month - luminance pencils.
3. I am making color charts with limited palettes - so many limited palettes that the number of tools that I carry is not less but, perhaps, more :) 
4. Pencils are getting shorter and are hard to find in my large bag so I made a box with a foam bottom to carry them around. When pencil stabs are no longer usable they go to my pencil stabs collection jars. 
5. One of the highlights of my March is that I got to paint with friends several times - one of which was at Stanford - I will write more about it soon.

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