On My Table: Beginning of May 2024.

April was a month full of events for me - and many opportunities to paint outside! I already shared some: an outing to paint a white orchard, a grassy hill, a long-awaited meet-up with friends with a trip to see redwoods, painting a wisteria tree, a baylands outing, a solar eclipse, and a trip to the ocean. But there are also many more that I am going to share soon: an outing to paint dogwood, an afternoon with lilacs, and a couple of trips - so all in all April was a great month for painting outside!

And on the first of the month, I snapped this picture trying to tell a story of where I am. In short - I am in too many places at once. Just before I made this photo I tried to sharpen my airpods in a pencil sharpener only to try and put my finger in it a few minutes later. Hence a band-aid and blood on the page. But looking back at my sketchbooks through the years I see that April and May are always months when things speed up more than I want them to so I am hoping that things will follow the seasons and by the time there are matilija poppies in my neighborhood I would be slowing down a bit.

No detailed comments on the pencils this time - I am putting together a separate post on that!


  1. Yes! Would be interested in the community you're pondering, if you are imagining it to be online.

    1. yes, I would like it to be an online community - but with some snail mail shenanigans like card swap and other real paper in hands surprises perhaps?

    2. Yes, that's what I meant -- I was hoping it would be for online folks, not just limited to people physically close to you, sharing real paper snail mail things. That would be really lovely!