People Sketching: what to do with all these sketches of strangers?

During many years of on and off people sketching I got into a nice rhythm of drawing and then throwing my sketches away and then drawing again. I often keep even the most random sketches if they tell a story about my life. But these outings to just work on anatomy or movement are usually in a recycling bin by the end of the week. This works in general as the idea is to do an exercise to get the eye-hand coordination and noticing muscles stronger, yet sometimes some sketches have something in them that makes me want to go back and look at them, sometimes long after. I am also working on pointing out things that I like in my works - in writing - so that I can see the thought process and work on those ideas and techniques that keep popping up more. 

So when I participate in an online drawing event - like pencils4tea (join from anywhere in the world via Zoom and people draw each other and each portrait is timed with a piece of music) I go over the results and save some of the sketches - with notes. You can see some below - click on the image to see it larger. 

What do you do with all the sketches of strangers?

p.s. now that I am participating in these events more regularly some of these strangers are becoming not so strangers :) I am starting to think that it would be fun to learn more about them! Many are on instagram - we all draw each other :) (last week I was posing - if I find my portraits I will share them here soon :)


  1. I recognize some of those people! We must have been on some of the same sessions.

    1. lol probably :) Sometimes songs are too long for me and I try to scroll through the participants to see who was there to go check out later but sometimes the rhythm is not matching - or songs are too short ;)