Matilija Poppies are in Season!

Matilija poppies are a signature plant native to California and are a joy to find and draw. Also a bit of a challenge. Sometimes they are so tall that there is no way to see the actual center of the flower. The best bushes are usually on a highway or in the middle of the road or right under the construction crane! This is why when someone finds a good bush to draw and shares it with you it is a gift worth an immediate drive! (though I had other selfish reasons too). These sketches are from the outing to see @suhitasketch and her patch of poppies. It was such a gift to spend some time drawing these dancing flowers! 

Here is a look at Matilija Poppies which I drew through the years. 

First sketch below is done without any lines or underdrawing - a direct gouache/watercolor sketch. Second one is done with printmaking tools and third one is ink and watercolor/gouache wash. Which one speaks to you more? Scroll to see process shots! 

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