Virtual Traveling (with Street View World Tour)

This month the Street View World Tour was drawing Light and Shadow and we traveled all over the world. I was late and managed only a tiny sketch during the presentation of the guest artist @jennymouse2003. But I got to do two 20 minute views and after that and had a blast using my printing technique with custom-haircut pentel pocket brush.

If you are not familiar - A Street View World Tour is a fun, no-pressure gathering hosted by Jenny Adam and Eleanor Doughty via Gage Academy. You can learn more about these monthly free events and about these locations at the links above. 

My previous participations include a trip to Kharkiv, Ukraine where I was the guest artist, Drawing Sky HolesKenyaBoats, Night Life, and Hawaiian Foliage. (I am quite sure that I participated in a few more but I am not sure I ever posted about them - will try to find and add to this collection!)

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