On My Table: Beginning of July 2024.

This is how my "just moved" art table looks like at the beginning of July 2024. 
There are piles of old sketchbooks and artwork (see an elephant on the right?) I will scan these before I turn them into something else - would you like to see some?

There are recent sketches and some tools that are still looking for a place in the new studio space - like my fox tail brush and an arm which I am using to record process videos. I have a pile of sketchbooks to make flip-throughs!
And there is a small set of tools that I kept in my bag during the move. Between this kit and a pocket sketchbook with a ballpoint pen, I kept my drawing going despite many things shifting in all kinds of directions. Moving is not a linear or easy process but keeping my practice helped a lot!  

Here is a brief description of my "Moving Kit":
A - My travel watercolor+gouache palette; 
B - Bag with brushes (water brushes and some good brushes for when there is more than 2 minutes + tiny water jar and a pencil sharpener). 
C - Small zipped bag with a minimal kit of my favorite materials. Having your favorite tools is like having your favorite food - a must!

So this is how July starts for me: still, some unpacking, organizing new space, trying to catch up on all the projects put on hold during the move - and drawing through all of that! 


  1. I couldn't face a move. I recently moved my art room from a tiny bedroom to a bigger bedroom and it took me months of thinking about it before I actually did it. And the tiny bedroom is still a mess!!

    1. lol well, I have to admit - I got into quite a bit of a stupor and still working through some aspects of it. but it in interesting to see all the ways I try to solve problems or avoid them or actually take action to remedy situations... :)

    2. We do whatever works for us at a particular time!