People at the playground

It's never been a problem for me - to remember a name of a person.
But lately I noticed that I meet many people at playgrounds, parks, stores, etc. and we start a conversation pretty often (that's an essential part of life if you have a kid) but I keep forgetting names...
Is it because my attention is on other things (like why the sand is being poured inside the t-shirt or how did that car fit in the mouth?) Or may be I am not feeling personal connection with people there - same discussion topics with everyone, rarely someone actually is listening to what you are saying? Or am I getting old?
Well, to see how I may embrace this problem better I decided to sketch people I meet and write something about them (or about their kids). This is one of the new lines that you will see in my sketchbooks - I am starting a new batch ;)

This girl's name is Kanti. She speaks Gujarati and she is in a second grade. She rarely wears anything warmer than t-shirt and shorts, even on a relatively cold day - she likes goos bumps :) Oh - and she just got a new bike - it's blue :)

And I have no clue who that lady on my sketches at the beginning of the post is - but I might get a chance to find out one day ;)

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  1. Я не все могу понять, что ты написала — я плохо знаю английский — но после больницы-роддома-детских площадок, а еще и работы, на которых дети и родители, да плюс кучи врачей — не могу привязать картинки к подписям под ними. Хотя раньше гордилась профессиональной памятью... Ох уж эти дети =;-)