Sketchbook Run - last post about Summer ;)

Playground sketches - this is a funny shaped hat but works very well as ear flops protect neck and ears from the sun which is a murder in California!

Right sketch above and a sketch below are from the visit to Stanford University Campus. Top one is done by my mom and bottom one - by me - we enjoyed a few great hours of sketching together when she was visiting this summer - I wish we had more time to sketch! (but we did LOTS of other great things - so I this is not a regret - just a wish for her next visit ;)

This was the only time when we woke up before our son did - peaceful moment - just for a minute - as soon as I finished this sketch - we started grunting and turning and waking up:)


  1. love the watercolors!
    .. please add sketching together to the list :-)

  2. should we start a blog/post about these things so that we both can add and it will not be forgotten when THE DAY will come? (even if it's in 3 years)


  3. yes, great idea :-) I'll start one in my blogger blog.