Sketchbook Run: lesson

well, the lesson I am learning right now - don't be lazy and update blog regularly. Otherwise you will be stuck like I am - spending lots of time scanning a book that was completed recently when I have a bunch of things I want to share - fresh - just completed - just invented - just realized! ;)

Well, may be I need to re-think the whole approach to blogging here... How you do it? Post things when they just happen - when everything is fresh? Or you wait till you had a chance to mill around?


  1. Очень нравится!


  2. you know... it's always nice to scan and post right away, but then who has the time ALL the time? :-)
    I find it's sometimes nice to find a surprise in a sketchbook - a doodle or a sketch a month or two old which I forgot about. But then I find it messes up the sequence in my flickr postings.. What a tough life we 50/50 right-left-brainers have!??