View from the park bench

View from the park bench, originally uploaded by apple-pine.

I enjoy remaining bare trees around me to see through to the shapes of houses and fences :) Rather cold and windy day in March.


  1. Nice houses.... I think this has a very different feel from the people sketches, but maybe it's just a different pen. I like the houses more than the google building in the sketches. Curious which you like better, the google building or the houses? Looks like it was a cold day to sit on the bench.

  2. Thanks for your comment and question, John!
    I think I like the houses sketch a little more than the google. There are some issues with the perspective in google building (it's close to how it looks like in real life but looks a bit like a mistake in the drawing - both in lines and in the tonal solution). But mainly the car on the front is just too destructing and does not add that much to the image. Where in the houses image there is a way for the eye to gradually move towards the main interest - shapes of the roofs and clouds broken by naked trees.