Sketchbook #113: Drawing People / Mothers Day 2018

Drawing people is hard for me - not the drawing itself but the way some people react to the results. I am happy with the sketch of a person if I can recall that moment, conversation, interaction - when I was drawing. If I feel that I got something about that person right - be it a curve of an eyebrow or a shape of a nostril or a turn of a head. It's a pretty low standard but it gets me drawing more. It also means that a lot of people cannot recognize themselves or their ear on the page. And sometimes they are so upset that I don't draw them any more. So - before this Mother's day I would like to thank my Mom who is always happy to be drawn/painted/sketched by me. Through the many years and many stages of my drawing abilities and habits I can always count on her enthusiasm. Thank you Mom!

Below are some recent examples of my most understanding subjects - fellow urban sketchers, kids, dogs and parents :)
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