Sketchbook #113: Lilac and Look at My Sketchbook in Unedited format.

I was super excited to find first lilac of the season in March and spent some time sitting by the bush and painting. People were passing me by and one of them made a comment and then did not go away. This happens sometimes - people hang around as I work and I usually don't pay attention. But then this guy started working on the bush and I realized that this is HIS LILAC :) We started talking, he shared some info about hummingbirds nests that were on my mind lately and I ended up getting a couple of amazing branches as a present :)

Sketchbook #113: LilacSketchbook #113: Lilac
My sketchbooks live in my bag and get quite a bit of beating, in addition to this I like to keep all my sketches in the same place - so I end up taping / glueing / sticking in /making envelopes etc. to keep everything in one place. This is why my sketchbooks sometimes look like this (this is an unedited scan) :)
Sketchbook #113: Lilac
I will try and make a video flipping through some of them soon :)