Best Nine of Instagram Posts

Lots of people are posting their Best Nine images of the year - these are the ones that gathered most likes. Some people adjust these and some don't, some tell the viewers about it and some don't - so I decided to see what are my best nine and here is what I got - with my comments:
If you don't want to read my handwriting the short version is that there are at least two videos that got into the final nine and I am glad as I want to make more of those - but they cannot be presented with a single frame! And lots of gouache-relate painting - I did several large projects in gouache this year - so no surprises there. Two images are from the 100 Views of Silicon Valley project and there is one from my learning of Spanish by drawing project.  But quite a few big things were overlooked! I started scrolling through my Instagram feed of over 430 posts this year and quickly collected a bunch of things that needed to go in the top nine. But there were way more than nine...

So after some careful consideration, I picked a few to switch - I like this selection better.
It looks like a summary and a little bit like a plan too :)