Work pants and my fight for pocket equality.

I recently realized that my work pants need some mending (when my phone fell through the pocket and hit my foot pretty painfully) and decided to draw them instead (I mended them after drawing :)

I've had issues with people who don't believe in my right to have pockets form a very young age and my parents resolved to get me boy's pants pretty much most of my childhood. Not much changed in the last few decades. Contemporary women's pants have ridiculous pockets which can fit a credit card or 1/3 of my hand. But never a pen and a pocket sketchbook. I always loved the words Pocket Sketchbook - it's a sketchbook you can put in your pocket, take it out and draw and then put it back in. That is if you wear a man's clothing or if you make your own adjustments to your favorite pants!

I got these pants a long time ago and they were perfect except for the lack of front pockets (back pocket was (and still is) quite nice). I wore them on my daily activities until one day - while climbing over a fence with my kid - I ripped them for good!

But between several relatives and my undying love for these pants and pockets, they've been improved with three handy additions and went back into regular use. 

I recently saw a beautifully drawn data about a study of the size of pockets - which brought scientific and visual support to my claim that mainstream women's clothing does not have real pockets - only decorations. While looking at this data I had some historical questions and found an article about The Bewildering and Sexist History of Women’s Pockets which led me to a truly wonderful discovery of Rational Dress Society as it lists attributes of "perfect" dress as:
  • Freedom of Movement.
  • Absence of pressure over any part of the body.
  • Not more weight than is necessary for warmth, and both weight and warmth evenly distributed. 
  • Grace and beauty combined with comfort and convenience. 
  • Not departing too conspicuously from the ordinary dress of the time.