Workshop Announcement

Last year in June I had a very interesting experience teaching a trio workshop: there were three teachers (Gay Kraeger, Suhita Shirodkar and myself) and three groups of students. We got together in an enchanting garden in the middle of the forest in Santa Cruz mountains (California) and sketched together all day long. To make this experience very personal we split into small groups and everyone had a chance to switch locations, teachers, materials, and subjects. With small breaks and a gorgeous lunch included in the day's activities, it was a magical time of gaining knowledge, working and playing, and being together with people who share the sheer joy of putting marks on the paper.

People say that the real test for whether you are happy with something you did or not is if you will do it again. To answer that question I would like to announce that this year we (Suhita Shirodkar, Gay Kraeger and myself) offer a two-day workshop done in the same format and in the same place. (But if you have only one day in your schedule - we can make it happen too - you will have to pick which day as the agenda is rather different) - check out full description and find out more at the:

See you there!