Video of the Sketchbook 127 flip-through

I made a video where I am flipping through my Sketchbook #127.
It's about 3 1/2 min long - and here is what you might expect to see there:


  1. Hi Nina, I have just managed to watch your video flip through of your sketchbook. I love how you just add everything into it. I am still struggling to decide what kind of sketchbook I want keep. I like the idea of just one but I find myself sketching in several, it's so frustrating for me.
    I am also about to attempt Gouache, I love the brightness and pastiness of the colours /medium. I wish that one day I will draw as freely as you do. Your work is very inspirational, thank you for sharing your sketchbook.

    1. thank you! I hope you will pick a sketchbook that is available and just start - knowing what you want is wonderful but sometimes can come to you only after you make some things happen! My practice if to draw on whatever available - and then stick/glue/tape in my sketchbook!