Weekend: on my table and another life hack

This is how my table looked like this weekend:

I enjoy sketching on location because of the limits that it imposes on me allowing for spontaneity and freshness. I have to work fast to catch that light or scene or flower and with limited tools.

At the beginning of the quarantine, I found myself in stupor quite often as I had all my tools available to me all the time and none of the things in the house were running away or changing that much. Just the sheer task of choosing what to paint with would exhaust me as all the toys were out and fighting for my attention.

So I re-organized all my tools into small bags/pouches/pencil cases to keep them out of sight a little bit and mostly - to be able to grab one and "go". Though "go" these days is usually to the next room. But now I can quickly get to the window where I can see the singing bird or to the window where gardeners are working.

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