Portrait Party

Rama Hughes is an amazing artist and art teacher. He created an official portrait party quite some time ago (Here is an old blog!) and he hosts portrait parties and other wonderful drawing games online with his gang at the Art School of the Future

I am a happy participant in these events when I have a chance and last week Rama hosted his Birthday Portrait party! I was excited to attend but the day did not go as planned and my enthusiasm was gone. Until I remembered that this is such a supportive no-stress group of people that even if I join for a few minutes and run away - I know that there would be no hard feelings. So I took a little break to rest and joined later in the party - but had such a BLAST drawing everyone! 

The whole drawing experience was a disaster as my first pen ran on me like crazy and spattered a lot of ink all over. The next one ran out of ink in the middle of the line. The third one needed resuscitation which did not go well and another ink splatter happened and then another pen tugged on the paper and sprayed more ink. The last pen ran out of ink too - but by that time I was expecting something like this to happen :) I had fun cleaning and refilling my pens after but most importantly - I enjoyed drawing people and kept smiling the whole time! Thank you, Rama - and Happy Birthday! 


  1. This looks like so much fun! And I can't believe how many pen disasters you could have in one day! ;-) I think you should have switched to pencil. ;-)

    1. lol - yes, there were too many! The problem with switching (or avoiding further disasters) was that I was on bluetooth headphones - hence was attached to my computer and, believe it or not, there were no pencils there! Or rather there were so many other things that they were not available without starting an avalanche lol %)