Sketching Trip to the Sea Ranch: Part 4.

The last sketch of the day was of the Sea Ranch non-denominational chapel. It is a wonderful little building that makes me think about hobbit holes and the power of a community. It was inspired by an artist, designed based on sketches and location setting, built by local craftsmen, and is maintained by the volunteers in this community. I wish to visit more places like this! (here is a very interesting story with great photos from the process of construction).

It was the end of a long sketching day and the setting sun was gifting us a gorgeous golden glow. I did a quick pen drawing which did not dry properly (dump day and a sketchbook that was out and about all day long) - so when I sprayed it with water I got a beautiful running ink effect. Then I decided to add color but now I wish I left it and just enjoyed the view instead of rushing to catch it on my dump paper.

And these last two sketches are from a quick stop on the way back - some boats in the Bodega Bay while we chewed on our sandwiches and made plans for more trips like this.

What a wonderful trip!

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