Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. September 5-11, 2022

September 5, 2022. Day 194 of the war.
Dad and I were discussing his exercise routine and Mom told me about some berries that are turning orange and almost red but not yet "real red". With the first chill nights, they will become truly red. The weather is quite chilly for early September and Mom got a cold. They were remembering all sorts of weather anomalies that they witnessed - but nothing can be compared to the snow we experienced once in June - all three of us were in Moscow on a trip and I remember the bright green and blooming trees covered in snow like some sort of dream. 

September 7, 2022. Day 196 of the war.
Now, Dad is sneezing and coughing too. But blood pressure is much more stable. We are discussing all the news from all the relatives and friends. Mom was telling me more about the department of biochemistry at the University. She is not going to teach this year and this is a huge change in her life that I am not sure she had a chance to process yet. Though this has been a year for things like that. 

September 9, 2022. Day 198 of the war.
Mom is almost back to normal, but Dad is still coughing quite a bit. They told me stories about the department of Chemistry at the University and all sorts of crazy chemicals that they got to work with over the years. Another shelling in Kharkiv left the school where my sister-in-law works partially without windows. Shelling of the city of Kharkiv continues non-stop for 198 days.

September 11, 2022. Day 200 of the war.
Hard to believe the number - 200 days. Dad was asleep as he is still working through his cold and I had a great time talking to Mom - remembering her Mom, my Grandma, and how she was able to grow amazing violets. How hard it was for her to stop working when Soviet System pushed her out of the University and how she tried to find herself in other things, none of which could compare to her interest in biology and learning. We talk about old books which are left in their apartment. And about the healing powers of cats who are bringing more "gifts" for my parents these days. The last one was a weasel!

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