Sketching at the Asilomar with friends.

I spent a weekend with a group of likeminded people - teaching a "Deck of Textures" workshop alongside two wonderful friends and fantastic teachers Suhita Shirodkar and Uma Kelkar. We did not have much time to draw outside of the teaching agenda - but carved a little time here and there and went to the beach a couple of times. We braved the wind in the face and sand on the palettes to try and capture a little bit of the magic of the place:


  1. Oh it was the best, to return from a long walk to find my three teachers ferociously scribbling into their sketchbooks/canvas trying to beat time and cold wind. Inspiring to witness such dedication to the art but also a joy to see you all having so much fun.

    1. we enjoyed your company and determination to sketch no matter the wind! Thank you for joining us!