Getting back in the rhythm after a break

I was a little slow getting into a rhythm with regular personal sketching time after a trip and was looking for something special to help me. So when I heard that @umapaints was demo-ing a painting at the #streetviewworldtour (which I meant to join too many times but kept missing) - I decided that this is a sign.
Street View World Tour is a monthly two-hour drawing session organized by Gage Academy, Eleanor Doughty, and Jenny Adam and attended by people from all over the world on zoom. 
We did a warm-up, then had a demo from Uma, and then did two more 20 min sketches from online maps. This session was very much about seeing layers and painting greens (and I enjoyed seeing all the colors that a wonderful group of people painted) - but I went with my stencils, inks and black and white printmaking attitude - which only means that I can re-watch the demo and do it with color later! I had a blast!

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