Another exhibit I would love to see in 2023.

A few weeks ago I wrote about two exhibits that I want to see in 2023. It started a little avalanche of things I would suddenly notice and think about as "what if that would be an exhibit to visit? How far would I be willing to travel to see it and what else would I do in that place? Who would I love to go with? What would be the title of that show and what other artists would be cool to add to that experience - art/audio/video/dance/fragrance/food etc.? What would I draw there?

One of these daydreaming sessions was inspired by a new book "David Hockney. My Window" - a very much overpriced collection of 120 works by one of my art heroes and it contains his latest works done on his iPad and iPhone - views from his window in Yorkshire. And then I saw that there is a new immersive performance that he put up in London - David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)" (which by the way is very much a manifesto I would like to adopt!) 

This article in the Guardian will show you some stills and tell you more about this - but in short - I think it is a retrospective, a moving way through  Hockney's thoughts on looking, it is a new kind-of exhibit with animation, video, multiple points of view, multiple screens surrounding viewers in 3D space of the room, it has its own score of music and yes it is probably overwhelming but also exciting! It looks like a celebration of the joy that humans get from making things. 

I would love to experience it!

All this meant that I pulled my Hockney books (see below, and more are waiting for me at the library - hurray for public libraries!). And went back to my notes on the exhibit that I saw in San Francisco some years back - "David Hockney. A bigger exhibition" (it blew my mind then) and now I am knee-deep in thinking about my own curated version of Hockney exhibition :) 

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