On My Table: Beginning of March 2023.

The fun of making these is in sharing a tiny slice of my world and I usually am very literal about these photos - yes, I open a sketchbook and move things so that they are easier to see but this is literally the mess that I have on my table right now!
There are some water-soluble sticks from creatacolor that I really enjoyed during the Macpherson's demo that I attended this week and I pre-painted some cool backgrounds with the new for me Lascaux Gouache that I tried there as well. 
I have a pile of treasures to paint (and some amazing flowers that are blooming on my table).
I am working on some fresh ideas for the "Deck of Textures" class that Suhita, Uma, and I are running in September in Asilomar
And the war in Ukraine and my parents are a constant presence.  

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