Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. June 5-11, 2023.

June 5-11, 2023. Days 468-474 of war.
This was a very tough week: The Nova Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, controlled by russia, has been destroyed. The ecological catastrophe will be unfolding for a long time in both directions: downstream where thousands of homes are flooded and have no clean water and upstream where fish is dying because water is left and many people soon will be left without fresh water. In addition, this complicates the already uneasy situation with the cooling of the largest nuclear plant in Europe - Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant - which is also controlled by russians at the moment. And endless air raids on Ukraine and Kharkiv in particular. These events dominated our conversations all week but after going over the list of all the relatives and friends in Ukraine we would try to switch: one day to talk about flowers that Mom found (I think this is pomegranate but better photos are needed to make sure). Another day Dad's memoirs about his travels to Magadan for work. News of a new cat that is now coming to visit them. New friends, my parents met on the street - refugees, like them. A few new dogs that they met on the street. Little tasks that they set for themselves every day. 

I am so glad that they are in a safe place. I am so sad and angry that they have to live through this. 

p.s. The destruction of the dam received some inadequate and strange media coverage. I think this article by Timothy Snyder will help you see through the political side of what the media is putting out. All attempts at looking at this tragedy by giving 50-50 responsibility are done without minimum thought put in - or are blatant support for russia's actions in Ukraine. 

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