On My Table: Beginning of June 2023.

Beginning of June:

1. Sketchbook #149 is almost completed and I am thinking about what to do for the big 150 :) 

2. My gouache box still travels with me with some sort of mixing surface but I am almost done selecting colors for the new pocket palette with a hermetically sealed cover.

3. A set of brushes are my gouache selection. The "My island brush" is a 1/2 inch synthetic angled flat - I think it might be a strong contender for "You are going to live on an island without access to an art store - what is one brush that you will take with you?" 

4. I enjoy attending a fantastic monthly online gatherings Street View World Tour 

5. Peonies are all over my sketchbook these days - but I still did not make it to the peony garden yet - so there might be even more :)

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