Grateful: Sketching Outings with Friends

I've had some wonderful outings to sketch with friends: in person and via video calls - and very grateful to have these people in my life! The top one is one of the new Google buildings which I recently painted with Suhita - this time I dragged Uma Kelkar to try and conquer its shapes. I am far from being happy with my understanding of how it works but I enjoy looking at it :) 
Here I tried to adjust colors by adding an overlay with semi-transparent paper to change color of the hill. You can see the original on the left and an alternative on the right (below).

There are some spontaneous outings and then there are video calls - I often draw during them but do not always share as I am not sure people know that I am drawing :) this one I think is a fair game to share - all participants of this call are seasoned drawers :)

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