Bike and Sketch: Somehow there is no time and then there is.

Rudbeckia hirta, commonly called black-eyed Susan caught my eye the other day. A short bike ride at the end of a rather long and complicated work day. It was another semi-planned semi-spontaneous ride with a semi-movable amount of art supplies (yes, I am still complaining about the size of my sketchbook and the fact that neither my foldable chair nor my water bottle can ride in the side pockets of the backpack if my sketchbook is inside). But I was super happy I went and super happy for the company!

I started by drawing an agave and then switched to stencils on the wonderfully abundant yellow flowers with dark shape centers - commonly called black-eyed Susans. And then I did a full-page take with gouache and stencils (and some color pencils at the end).

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