Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. July 2 - 9, 2023.

July 2-9, 2023. Days 495-502 of war.
This week we crossed 500 days of war, and it seems unreal. 
My parents made a fruit punch with rose petals from the neighbor's rose bush and told me about two new cats one of which decided that the best place to sleep is behind my Mom's legs. We talked about all the family members and friends and volunteers around the globe who help Ukraine in many different ways.

Mom continues to work on her memoirs and this week Dad was adding things - his contributions were about one of the old family dogs (a Scottish collie called Gemma), Edvard Grieg (Norwegian composer), and about dear friend Osya Klugman who was always ready to have some tea and tell you about a new poet or author. Once Osya mentioned Lina Kostenko in a conversation with me (I was probably 12) and when I asked him who it was he spent my Dad's whole birthday party in the kitchen - reading (by heart) Lina Kostenko poems to me to quickly remedy this hole in my education. 

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