The "Large Sketchbook" sometimes gets a break and stays home.

Probably this post should be titled "I get a break from the large sketchbook from time to time". Or that "the Large sketchbook gives me a break from time to time"? In any case - now that I am almost at the end of this sketchbook I see that the wonderfully challenging and gently expanding my abilities A3 sketchbook (also known as large and cumbersome) got quite a few pages glued in it. On some occasions, it happened by design and on some occasions, it happened by accident. I tape and glue things in my sketchbooks all the time as I enjoy using a variety of papers and in general draw on whatever is available - and then make it work all together. 

So here are two more sketching outings.

First - combining acrylic markers and traditional gouache.

Sketches from the second outing combine pen and ink, gray wash and some stencils. 

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