Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. August 7-14, 2023.

August 7-14 2023. Days 530-537 of war.
I will make a special post with sketches from my trip to see my parents - this week I am back to talking to them through the screens - for which we as a family are always grateful. 
We often talk about how contemporary technologies make wars today so different from even 20 years ago and on so many levels. Especially the level of information access. How we cherish the fact that we can send and receive a message from a friend or family member who is in the army within minutes. And how we get used to having an immediate response and then cannot justify a delay in an answer. How much we want to have updated information about the situation on the front and how much harder it is to have so much information and the strategies to handle the quantities, check the sources, and sometimes how to take a break - and what works as a break for different people.
This week's conversation touched on where cats and dogs are allowed in the park (and Dad's opinion about it:) And a story of a dress that Dad brought from Uzbekistan for my Mom many years ago and how pattern that Dad saw recently reminded him of that present. I hope to get to talk to him more about those visits to Uzbekistan (where one of his sisters lived most of her adult life).  

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