Sneaky Art Podcast: A Conversation in Two Parts

In April 2023 I spent a little over 3 hours talking to Nishant Jain also known as a Sneaky Artist. We covered many topics - from my experience growing up in Ukraine while it was still part of the USSR,  sketchbook preferences, drawing underwater while scuba diving, books, nature, learning and re-learning languages, Ukraine, russian aggression, war and not war in conversations with my parents. I feel like we covered so many things that we barely touched them and I don't know about Nishant - but I left with a list of questions for the next conversation!

We also drew each other while we talked:

If you want to give it a listen - here are links to Spotify. However this popular podcast is available on all the platforms so by searching with my name Nina Khashchina and SneakyArt you will find it.

Episode 64: Growing up in Ukraine with Nina Khashchina

Episode 65: War and Not-War with Nina Khashchina on Spotify

Nishant has a newsletter on substack and you can learn more about these episodes  and listen to them right there:

Ep 64 - Growing up in Ukraine with Nina Khashchina

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