Wrong Date and Other Mistakes in My Sketchbook.

Last week I posted a sketch on Instagram - and even made a little video composition about the process of making it. And I wrote the wrong date on it. Whether because I was thinking about a different date or because I just wanted to draw 7 more than to draw 6 :) Or for any other reason. I also smudged a page on the same spread. Luckily I had more ink on my sponge and used a stencil from the left side to make another impression of the stick. And then someone special found this praying mantis for me - sitting on a beige wall near the entrance to our home - and I added it to the spread - though in a different color from the original - I just grabbed the first color that I found on my desk. In real life it was beige. Another mistake - or not a mistake. But the Mantis sketch had a correct date on it - the one with the 7, the one I wanted to draw from the start :)

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