Drawing Bikes with Kids!

I had a wonderful opportunity to draw with a bunch of young bike riders and some of their parents at a local bike event. Another step to returning to in-person events and what a blast I had!
I planned to draw bikes and talk about parts of this amazing mechanism but we got sidetracked by adding all sorts of creatures riding the bikes and adding some special equipment to our rides. 
From pigs and crocodiles to tigers and owls - all, including Godzilla and Mr. PileOfGoldenMoney were having fun riding bikes in our drawings :) One thing though - they all wore helmets - even the Mr. Invisible and Mr. Pile of Money :)
Some of what I overheard:
- You gotta have a banana holder on your bike - it is the best snack!
- I included a pretzel dispenser - it will be handy.
- On my bike is a non-gender invisible person - their name is Mr. Invisible. Yes - in a yellow neon helmet!
- This lizard you drew on the bike is probably rich - you used a gold marker for it. 
- My bike bell will be playing horns!
- I want heart-shaped lights on my bike!

I snapped a few pictures at the beginning of the event:

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