Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. October 1-8, 2023.

October 1-8, 2023. Days 583 - 590 of war.
This week was one of the hardest in a long while. On a very personal front, my parents moved from one temporary apartment to another and it was extremely stressful despite all the support that they got. It is just really hard for them to move. But all was forgotten after two horrific days for Kharkiv and then unimaginable things happening in Israel. The layer upon layer of phone calls, text messages, worries mixed with relief when you get replies from family and friends, outrage and anger in between numerous attempts to find information, sort through sources, and just try and hug everyone you see. Everyone. 


  1. I'm so relieved to hear about their move, though I see from your description it was terribly hard, for you all.