Creating Options for Holiday Cards.

I enjoy making and sending Holiday Cards each year. Whatever you celebrate - the change of year is a great reminder for me to get in touch with people. Some years I am more prepared than others :) This was a year when for various reasons I thought I might forgo the whole thing altogether. But in the end, I started slowly - with a plan, moved from my options A to C going through the lists, and ended up with a bang: a little experimental project at the end of the year which was joyful on so many levels!
Below are some of the notes on the project with a couple of examples of the last part of the experimental cards that I sent out (the ones that I knew could arrive late because recipients know that they are coming - no matter how late I send them out (and some are still traveling:) 
After I sent my Holiday Greetings in the newsletter, via email, etc., and posted on social media, I got a bunch of questions about how I made the owl (bottom left below). And the answer is - I mixed a lot of techniques and it was a wild experiment! Details are in the last image of this post.

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