Winter Europe Trip: Cordoba, Spain - Part 2

Cordoba Part 2: Animal-related notes about the city :) (links to all the parts of the story are at the bottom of the post)

On the very first day of walking through the streets of Cordoba, we wandered inside an old abbey where on the wall there was a stuffed crocodile of undetermined age. It looked exactly as my jet-lagged body felt and in my mind became a mascot for this brilliant city. An actual city logo unfortunately does not have a crocodile - but some geometric designs and palm trees - you can see it on the sketch from the horse show below :)

On many many walks around Cordoba, we saw so many wonderful dogs who looked very comfortable as if this was their city - that I ended up taking lots and lots of pictures and sharing them daily on instagram during my trip. Some ended up in my sketchbook as well. 

There were also lots of "cat sanctuaries" throughout the city - places with many really well-cared-for cats. And we saw some people climbing the wall to position food closer to them.

One of the evenings was dedicated to seeing a horse show which Cordoba is famous for. No photography is permitted there - I am not sure why. But it was too dark for good photos anyway and I had fun drawing some gorgeous animals in motion! Some of the tricky poses that were demonstrated during this show I was later able to identify in art museums. It was an interesting thing to compare - thinking about the royal sitting on a horse after seeing what an actual person on the back of a horse that is walking on hind legs looks like. 



  1. Great dogs and horses! I love it when a sketchbook can go where a camera cannot. ;-)

    1. thank you! And enthusiastic "Yes" to taking sketching to more places!