Winter Europe Trip: Sketching Tools

Below is a sketch report of everything sketching-related that I took with me on my trip to Spain over the holidays. I did use almost everything once but there was a very short list of tools that I used regularly. Mostly because on-location sketching was often super speedy (I was following a guide with my group), there were quite a few train rides and I worked a lot from the photo references and notes later. Having options felt good though. For example, I took only basic pens on my summer trip (UniBall and Ballpoint) and this time around I enjoyed having calligraphy pen at my disposal (one of them decided to stop working after a flight but that is why I had two :) Having a limited palette of markers and pencils in my "daily" selection of tools forced me to improvise and simplified some decisions. And chisel nib was super handy for doing fast coverage and details with the same pen. 


  1. I love seeing what artists take on journeys, the different hues they choose. Thank you for sharing these detailed notes!