Project Based Learning: Spanish Language

When the new school year started last fall my kid began to learn Spanish - and I decided to learn with him.
I am interested in how people learn in general - so whenever someone is ready to talk about it I jump on that topic - and if you have good recommendations for books and sites - please send me links!
One of the things I've been trying with my learning is try a project based learning process (I loved this book and follow it's author Lori Pickerton Twitter for inspiration). The idea is that you don't follow curriculum that someone created but rather you find a real world project and make it happen with whatever means that are available to you and while you are doing that you are bound to learn a variety of things.
So I decided that I will pursue my study of Spanish utilizing what I enjoy - drawing in my sketchbook. And that is how I've been making slow but steady progress on my vocabulary.
I've created a little character and it's adventured paired with my knowledge of other languages help me remember. I am also doing some Duolingo time and getting briefs on different subjects (grammar and such) from my kid. So far I've drawn over 50 pages and enjoy the process a lot!
Like with every project (and learning in particular) there are ups and downs and after whole 30 days of doing Inktober with these I took a little break and had hard time restarting the practice - but like with everything - by starting small and JUST STARTING - I got back on my horse - or should I say caballo?
Here is a screenshot of a whole bunch of the images and link to a Flickr folder where you can see all of them.

I've made a whole bunch of new friends on social media while posting these on Instagram and in general try to keep a two-a week pace now - feel free to follow along #learningspanishwithsketchook