I enjoy growing things. It brings me a lot of pleasure to see how they change. I've been thinking a lot about the idea of a garden as an artwork and as a way to make art and a way of looking at life in general. 
I planted a lot of things recently - one of them was a stalk of celery that I put in a jar of water. And watched it grow from a pale clamp into a miniature lush green forest. I drew it in the morning before emails and news and it was great! Here are some of the images:

I gave it a new life and moved it into a real pot with other herbs. 
Somehow I stopped drawing it then, but at least I am watering it.


  1. This is so interesting to me. Perhaps it is because I just finished the last stalk of celery wet from the water glass that held it in the frig. I am intrigued and will try recording the growth rather than eating a crispy stalk! Your sketches are great....thank you.

  2. That celery was a great way to spend little bits of time! Thank you!