On my table and a new solution for the old problem

I took this picture this afternoon to tell you that I am almost done with the LARGE sketchbook (the one I keep promising to write about). I rushed to finish it but now I am stretching the last couple of pages. Is it because I will have to scan or photograph it all and this seems like a lot of work? Or did I finally made peace with this paper? I will think about it a bit more this weekend. In any case - I went to paint outside today and it was amazing! Of course, I painted on separate pieces of paper as carrying this monster around is impossible.

But there is one interesting thing that I added to my table this week. It's a cloth rag that now hangs on the side of the table - like a towel. I use a lot of rags and usually, there is a whole lot of mess around them: finding clean one is impossible, there is never one close by when you need it and there is a dozen of them taking space on the table surface if you need to do something or take a photo. 
Last week I was admiring a new series of works amazing Luis Mendo is making: The Home Stayer covers. And I saw this idea and it became my solution. Do you see it here? 

(I had to make a screenshot to share the image here and the link to the instagram post is:

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