In Review June 15-26, 2020

I continued painting gardens in gouache (without any underdrawing or lines over the painting - for 30x30directwatercolor challenge). I used photos by 
And I've been mixing greens a lot. I keep some notes but they are not organized. I think it would be a good idea to make them into a small workshop/handout thing for future classes. Greens are hard in any medium but some simple ideas help with the overall strategy for making them work for you. 

I went on a virtual sketch trip with Suhita Shirodkar to India and Ukraine and then we actually met in real life and visited Gay Kraeger in her magical garden. It was our first outing since the beginning of isolation and felt wonderful to be with friends and painting outdoors.


I went for a few bike rides and drew on the way too. 

And more agapanthuses made it to my sketchbook, together with sketches of everyday life, family members, and video chats. 

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